Welcome to Sugar & Spice

We specialise in haute couture wedding,novelty cakes,biscuits,chocolates and Indian sweetmeats.
Haute Couture cakes are inspired by the fashion houses world over. We derive our inspiration from everything around us. Our design inspiration for cakes is derived from the a clients dress to their hobbies event decor or anything special related to them. We listen to our clients to identify a style that will suit them,choosing from classic and sophisticated to modern and funky. Our attention to detail continues through to every last crumb.

Legendary fashion designer - Coco Chanel once said - "a woman should be two things - classy and fabulous" - so should your cakes - high fashion is so delicious .

It has come to our attention that there are individuals in Durban who are using our name to promote their businesses.

If you are not speaking with Waheeda or with the branch in Windermere centre there is no guarantee of quality or of the ingredients used.